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SOCIAL STYLE & Situational Leadership Whitepaper

With a 50+ year track record, Situational Leadership is a popular model for improving leadership effectiveness.  Originally developed by Dr. Paul Hersey and expanded by Ken Blanchard, the model describes four leadership styles, or strategies, that can be used when interacting with followers.

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model is a complementary tool when using Situational Leadership.  Style describes a framework for understanding the behavioral style and preferences not only of the followers, but of leaders themselves.

TRACOM has written a whitepaper that shows how SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility complements and enhances the Situational Leadership II Model.   The whitepaper explains how awareness of Style is fundamental for maximizing the impact during each step of the Situational Leadership process.

Download the SOCIAL STYLE & Situational Leadership whitepaper.

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