Five Organizational Must Haves For Leadership Success and How TRACOM Group Can Help

Great leaders are masters of meeting needs. They balance results driven organizational needs with the needs of their people. They maintain security and stability while being disruptive and innovative. They show people the way while also helping them get there. Though leadership can feel like an unforgiving and always changing pursuit, there are five things organizations must commit to that will support their leaders’ and team members’ success. 

  1. Clear Goals 
  2. Clear Roles 
  3. Clear Processes 
  4. Clear Communication 
  5. Emotional & Social Intelligence 

Let’s take a look at each one. 

Clear Goals 

However you slice and dice them, clear goals are agreed upon long- and short-term objectives that your organization is working toward. This is your vision, mission and values. It’s your strategic plan and the goals and initiatives that need to be achieved along the way. Though people need and prefer direction in different forms, the bottom-line is, everyone in your organizations needs to know where they are going and what it means to them. 

Clear Roles 

Whether you are a small business with a few team members or a large organization with thousands, you need people to do their jobs. For them to do their jobs, they need to know exactly what their jobs are, from the results that are expected from them and the things they need to do to achieve them. Role clarity gives people direction and security, as well as preventing redundancy of multiple people trying to do the same things and bumping into each other.  

Clear Processes 

I’m not going to lie; clear processes can feel like a never-ending initiative. Your processes are your position-by-position playbooks to ensure consistent and predictable results. To help organizations get started I advise them to pick a position, outline the key three to five things they must do to be successful and write stepbystep instructions to consistently succeed at those things. The idea being, if people just follow the process, they will get the desired results.  When you have clear processes, you can hire competent people who are a fit for your culture to follow the processes vs. having to pay high dollars for top talent or subjectmatter expertise. Finally, if you are a small business looking to scale or sell at some point, clear processes will be key. 

Clear Communication 

Let’s assume you have clear goals, clear roles and clear processes. If you are not communicating effectively, you and your team members are going to struggle. Communication is something that most organizations take for granted. It is the lubricant that helps all your moving parts work together. It’s more than verbal and nonverbal communication. It’s about connecting with others. SOCIAL STYLE research shows that 75% of the general population have different needs and preferences when it comes to communication; meaning communication is not one-size fits all. Good communication requires us to understand the people we are communicating with and adjust how we are communicating to meet their needs and preferences; we call that Versatility. In that same spirit of understanding others, it starts with understanding yourself first. 

Emotional and Social Intelligence 

Clear communication requires emotional and social intelligence; it doesn’t happen by accident. Human beings are “wired” to focus on their needs. Clear communication requires us to balance organizational needs with the psychological safety needs of our team members. When organizations create a cultural foundation of emotional and social intelligence, here are what everyone experiences. 

  • Self-Awareness:  We gain more accurate information about ourselves; our tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, needs, preferences and stress dynamics 
  • Self-Management: With more accurate information about ourselves, we can make better decisions with how we think, act and interact 
  • Better Decisions: Self-awareness and self-management will lead to better decisions. Why? Because we are making decisions with more accurate information. Our path to success will become clearer and easier to follow. 
  • Better Results: Better decisions about how we act and interact will lead to better results, at home and at work. This will make us more valuable to the organization and people around us. We will be in better positions to add value that matters; and that build trust. 
  • Better Relationships: When you lay a foundation of emotional and social intelligence, you learn valuable things about others. You also learn about their tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, needs, preferences and stress dynamics. Through being versatile and adaptable you can behave and communicate in ways that builds greater trust and connection with others. As a result, you’ll experience less miscommunication, conflict and stress. 

How TRACOM Group Can help? 

This is what we do. We help individuals, teams and organizations be more versatile and adaptable in how they behave, communicate, build relationships and accomplish their goals. The best news is that while these abilities are crucial to success, they’re not that difficult to learn and put into practice 

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