Upcoming Webinar: What’s Next After SOCIAL STYLE® Training? Building Adaptability!

Wednesday, May 1 | 11am-12pm ET

TRACOM is best-known for our SOCIAL STYLE communications programs. And millions of people have benefitted from understanding SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility.  So what else can you do to improve your Social Intelligence and your productivity?

The next natural progression for you might be learning TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resilience. It’s designed to help people become more adaptable to the fast pace and constant change that causes us unnecessary stress.

Join us May 1st from 11am-12pm ET to learn how you can become more resilient.

You’ll discover:

  • The impact stress is having on all of us, personally and in the workplace
  • How our Negativity Bias causes stress and prevents us from adapting to change
  • Our SOCIAL STYLE impacts that bias and the skills it takes to overcome it
  • Ways to leverage your Style to better adapt to change and stress
  • A preview of our Negativity Bias and Resilience Skills profiles

Couldn’t we all use training to help us deal better with change and stress?

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Hosted By:

Dan Day, Director of Client Success, TRACOM

Meeting ID: 871 4768 4390
Passcode: 386289