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New Resources to Boost Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been shown to be a major success factor in areas including leadership, team performance, sales success, and recruiting.

TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ is a 3rd generation EQ Model that incorporates both Emotional and Behavioral Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is completely internal – it is a person’s ability to understand his or her own emotions and recognize the emotions of others. Multiple studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence competencies often account for the difference between star performers and average performers, particularly in positions of leadership. Behavioral Intelligence is what people see, hear and respond to. Research shows that behavior is the best predictor of effectiveness.

TRACOM is introducing two new resources to build a person’s Behavioral EQ.

Weekly Behavioral EQ Tip

TRACOM’s Weekly BEQ Strategy provides a helpful resource to continually practice and enhance EQ abilities. These tips focus on putting BEQ concepts to work in common workplace situations. The BEQ Tips will focus on many aspects of the BEQ model such as; Emotional Awareness, Self-Insight, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Stress Management, Conscientiousness, Optimism, and much more

Read this week’s tip now.

Behavioral EQ Applications Guide

TRACOM’s new Behavioral EQ Applications Guide is a resource for people who have participated in previous EQ training.  It guides the reader to develop an actionable and achievable plan for improving BEQ.  With more than 50 pages of BEQ content and strategies on all elements of the Behavioral EQ Model, this guide is the perfect follow-up resource to boost performance.

Click here to review the BEQ Applications Guide Information Sheet or learn more.

Other Performance Resources

In addition to these new resources,  TRACOM offers several monthly newsletters on topics including Individual and Organizational Performance, Leadership, Sales Skills, Social & Mobile Learning, and Emotional Intelligence.

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