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Local Language Support Improves Training Outcomes

When the Olympics closed on February 23 from athletes from 26 countries had earned medals in the 2014 Olympics.  That means anthems representing each country and recognition in nearly as many languages.  And with athletes from 88 countries participating, you can imagine all the languages being spoken in Sochi.

While English may be the international language of business, using a local language often improves communication and business outcomes.  That’s why TRACOM offers SOCIAL STYLE assessments and training in a wide variety of languages.  With the new release of Swedish and Russian, SOCIAL STYLE is supported in more than 20 languages. 

This means training participants are better able to understand the instructions and the material associated with their Style training.  This is especially important when organizations are training people who speak different languages natively.

Another important part of supporting international training is the use of international norms to determine a person’s SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility.  TRACOM provides norms for more than 30 countries and another 10 regions.  This provides the best comparison to determine Style and Versatility.

Consider an organization that is training managers employed in Germany.  They might have people who natively speak German, Swiss, French, English and other languages.  Each person can complete their SOCIAL STYLE Profile in their preferred language.  The company can select the German norm since that’s where the managers all work. 

Watch a short video about international norms below. 


Visit our International Languages page. 

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