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Is Your Company Ready for Unexpected Change?

To kick-start the new year, an MSN article documents America’s most hated companies. While some of the companies named are not so shocking, there are some companies which are not the usual suspects to make the list. Organizations like Dish Network and Comcast have been found on similar lists in the past, but for businesses like Chipotle and Volkswagen, being “hated” is a first as these businesses are known for being revered and beloved by their consumers.

Chipotle has recently had a surge of foodborne illness outbreaks linked to their restaurants including These include a tomato-borne salmonella outbreak, norovirus outbreaks, and an E. Coli outbreak.

As for Volkswagen, according to the MSN Money article, “In September, U.S. regulators said the company’s diesel cars were emitting much more pollutants than the manufacturer claimed. The German automaker, it seems, had installed in some 11 million cars worldwide a device that could deceive emissions tests. CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned later that month.

While these are unfortunate, and most likely surprising circumstances for both companies to find themselves in, the true test of survival will come from their ability to persevere, pull themselves out of this mess, and regain the confidence of their buyers. This is resilience – a key skill every employee and every workforce should have, but something that is frequently overlooked.

Not every disaster or crisis is foreseeable. We cannot always know when misfortune will strike, which is why many companies aren’t prepared to be mentally adaptive and resilient when the time comes for them to be. But we can be ready. We can make sure our workforce is prepared to open their minds and take on major problems  or just ever-changing market conditions.   According to Dr. Natalie Wolfson, “Fortunately, resiliency is a very flexible quality – more flexible than we initially thought. Certain resiliency interventions can produce noticeable changes in people, even on a neurological level. This means that even if individuals have low resiliency, they aren’t doomed…resiliency is a skill that can be developed.” Learn more about using resiliency to manage change here.

TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency programs were developed to help companies create positive change and be prepared for when challenges arise. We live in an era where change is imminent and inevitable. We have developed Resiliency programs to give organizations the tools to survive and thrive in any circumstance. At the root of every company’s success is their workforce’s mindset.

Investing in mindset skills training for employees and leaders results in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater creativity
  • More effective collaboration
  • Company-wide innovation
  • Increased Employee Engagement

Want to learn more? Click here to watch a short video on Resiliency or learn about our programs and products here.

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