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GROW Coaching Model Connections Whitepaper

The GROW Coaching Model is based upon a deceptively simple insight — breakthrough performance comes more often, not from acquiring additional knowledge, but from removing interference that allows a person to better act on what they already know.

GROW is an acronym for a four-step process of Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward.  It provides a framework for coaches to draw solutions from the “inside out”.  By following this structured yet flexible process, coaches become more comfortable having coaching discussions and empowering others in their professional development.

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Connections Whitepaper looks at how Style and interpersonal skills support the GROW process.  It was jointly developed by TRACOM and Inside Out Development, the creator of the GROW Model.

This new downloadable whitepaper discusses how each step of the GROW process can be tailored to reflect  the behavioral preferences of each SOCIAL STYLE.  It includes a look at the SOCIAL STYLE of both coach and coachee, with specific advice for successful coaching interactions throughout the GROW process.

SOCIAL STYLE and GROW is the latest in the SOCIAL STYLE Connections Series which looks at how SOCIAL STYLE complements and supports popular workplace programs including Situational Leadership, Crucial Conversations, SPIN Selling, The Extraordinary Leader and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  All of the Connections Whitepapers are available for immediate free download.

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