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Getting to Yes Whitepaper — Using SOCIAL STYLE in Negotiations

I attended graduate school at night while working a full-time day job.  One of my first classes was about negotiations and it featured the book “Getting to YES” by Roger Fisher and William Ury.  At the time I worked for a small, Chicago software company and we frequently negotiated licensing contracts with much larger companies such as Microsoft and Lotus. 

With no previous negotiating training, this class and the book became my framework for those early negotiations.  The advice to focus on the “interests” of the negotiating parties rather than their stated positions, was both eye-opening and effective.  Two decades later, the principles of “Getting to YES” still help me in my business and personal negotiations. 

The original book and the authors’ subsequent works continue to be popular.  Today we have released a SOCIAL STYLE Connections whitepaper looking at how SOCIAL STYLE and  “Getting to YES” concepts support each other.  As the authors point out, “without communication there is no negotiation.”  Clearly the relationship-building concepts of SOCIAL STYLE can be applied to improve the negotiating process.

This new SOCIAL STYLE ® and Getting to YES whitepaper is now available for free download.  It’s the latest in the Connections Series that includes SPIN Selling, Situational Leadership, Crucial Conversations and many more.  All these whitepapers can be downloaded here.

Note:  Roger Fisher died on August 25, 2012.   The founder and director of the Harvard Negotiation Project was 90 years old.

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