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Expanded Global SOCIAL STYLE Norms

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is a global resource for business improvement. The power of SOCIAL STYLE is in understanding behavioral differences and modifying our behavior to improve interactions with others.  This can be especially important – and challenging — in international situations.

Millions of people in more than 35 countries have learned how SOCIAL STYLE changes how the world does business.  But because interpersonal effectiveness is by definition individualized, a single Profile is not sufficient. TRACOM offers a variety of international norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions. In doing so, people receive feedback that is most meaningful for them.

Our norms are updated regularly  to ensure their legitimacy and validity.  We now have 85 SOCIAL STYLE Universal norms, which includes updates to 50 existing norms and the addition of 35 new norms.  This brings us to 19 regions (7 new) and 66 countries (28 new) for the SOCIAL STYLE Universal audience.  This means that a person in Germany can receive a profile that discusses how his or her behavior compares to others in Germany or if a company prefers, they can use a regional European or a global norm.  And of course the online surveys and profile reports can be completed and generated in more than 20 languages for the optimal user experience.

Watch our SOCIAL STYLE Norms Overview

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