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Behavioral EQ vs IQ Infographic

Below is an infographic comparing the workplace benefits of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and your intelligence quotient (IQ).


Download the infographic here

The business case for a third-generation Emotional Intelligence model is clear:

  • An insurance company found the average policy value sold by agents with high EQ was twice that of agents with low EQ.
  • A study of 500 executive search candidates identified emotional competence as a better predictor of placement success than intelligence or prior experience.
  • A consumer products company found a “strong relationship” between superior performing leaders and emotional competence.
  • A university study found performance reviews make the giver and recipient less productive, but says the tone of the review (even a bad review) can make people feel upbeat and energized.

Read The Impact of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace to learn more about putting Emotional Intelligence to work in your organization.

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