Webinar: Adaptable Leadership, It’s Situational AND Social

Organizations demand a lot from their leaders in terms of results, skill sets and the ability to effectively influence others. So how can organizations like yours develop these types of leaders to achieve your goals? Consider the synergies between the Situational Leadership® Model and SOCIAL STYLE® and the results from a recent research study with over 4,000 global participants.

Webinar: Achieve Organizational Agility by Recapturing Lost Creativity

Hosted by Human Capital Institute What if you and your team could have a 43% more positive impact on your company by initiating change? What if you improved your ability to influence change, from ideation through execution? What if you became better at motivating others to embrace new thinking? Unlocking Personal Agility is possible…and leads… Read More

Webinar: What’s New with SOCIAL STYLE?

SOCIAL STYLE has been powering individual and organizational performance for more than 50 years, but there are also many new features and enhancments.  Watch this video to learn the latest about this powerful concept.