Webinar: How People Can Thrive in Hybrid Work Arrangements

Leading with Flexibility: How People Can Thrive in Hybrid Work Arrangements

Hosted by HR.com, Dan Day, Director of Client Success, TRACOM, and Aneika Ince-Mercer, AVP Leadership Development CAA Club Group companies

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that both leaders and their workers are “on edge” about returning to the office.

Before the pandemic hit, about 30 percent of workers in the U.S. worked from home at least some of the time. That number more than doubled in 2020, as companies around the world rushed to enable workers to work remotely.

It’s time for HR leaders to re-think what a high-performing workforce looks like. A hybrid working model is actually one of the positive outcomes from the pandemic, by offering flexibility and the opportunity to change our views of a productive working environment.

This webinar will help HR leaders deal with constantly changing policies and health mandates related to COVID-19 as you try to determine whether employees should come back to the office, continue working remotely, or some hybrid of both.

Webinar viewers will learn why humans are hard-wired to resist changes like these, drastically affecting how leaders determine what changes to make and how to communicate those changes to workers, and how employees adapt to these constant changes and challenges. They’ll be shown specific strategies designed to change our mindset and our behaviours in order to become more resilient.

Webinar viewers will also learn how to communicate most effectively with co-workers and customers, whether they’re working together in-person, remotely, or a combination of both. They’ll learn how to understand the behavioural preferences of other people and how to adapt to those preferences to become much more productive when working with others, regardless of where they’re located.