Webinar: Your New Manager Journey: Leading with Versatility

At TRACOM, we believe that there are nine essential skills that every manager should have, no matter the industry they work in or how many (or how few) people report to them. One of these essential skills is versatility – being able to consistently meet the needs of different interactions and situations and establish relationships to work productively with others.

Every single day, we’re involved in a variety of different interactions with co-workers, clients, customers, and other people, and they all have different needs and communication styles they prefer. Similarly, different situations also have different needs and demand different communication styles. Teaching managers how to identify the needs of different interactions and situations and adapt their communication style accordingly is something that will not only make those interactions and situations more productive but make managers better at their jobs and become better communicators as well.

This webinar features our director of client partnerships, Jason Kiesau, and guest Emily Trout, a learning and development manager at the CRB Group, and will touch on how teaching versatility will accelerate a new manager’s effectiveness and discuss what they need to be successful in their position and for your organization. It’s especially helpful for training new managers, but many of the topics discussed will be at the very least a helpful refresher for more experienced individuals in managerial positions.

Versatility: A Key Element of Managerial Performance

The majority of professionals recognize that social intelligence matters in the workplace, and at TRACOM, we believe that social intelligence skills aren’t just something that would be “nice to have” in your managers and other employees, but are skills that you should value, train, and promote. This is because social intelligence skills are directly related to how effectively one performs at their job, as one of our research studies has shown. Our Managerial Success Study found that versatile managers were 25% better at coaching others, 27% better at leading teams, and 19% more likely to be promoted, which illustrates why versatility is a crucial element of overall success. After watching the webinar, we encourage you to read the entire study on versatility here.