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TRACOMs Social Intelligence Technology Solutions

TRACOMs Social Intelligence Technology Solutions: Passport, Navigator, Micro-Learning, Global Norms


Technology to Improve Versatility and Learning Application

TRACOM’s technology solutions enable the entire learning process from pre-training support to online or instructor training through post-learning reinforcement.  Built on reliable and redundantly secure cloud platforms, TRACOM provides:

Easy Training Administration

TRACOM’s MAX Admin portal is used to easily schedule training sessions of any size and assign learning participants and facilitators.  Clients can choose to manager their own training programs or have TRACOM manage administration on their behalf.

Online Assessment Platform

TRACOM Learning is a robust assessment system with an easy-to-navigate interface.  Training participants can quickly complete their self-assessments and invite others to complete assessments for their training.  Users can choose from more than 20 languages for maximum understanding and buy-in.

OnDemand, Instructor-led or Blended Training

TRACOM offers fully online versions of several SOCIAL STYLE courses as well as blended versions that combine online pre-work with instructor-led courses.  Choose the course that suits your budget, time availability and business objectives.

Post-Training Support

A variety of post-training, OnDemand and micro-learning tools are included free to increase the application and business impact of the SOCIAL STYLE concepts.  SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a micro-learning platform that allows users to get Style-specific advice on more than 20 topics such as running a meeting, selling to a team or giving performance reviews.   It also includes an online SOCIAL STYLE Estimator to build rapport with others and additional online refresher courses to continually build the SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills of your employees. Learn more about TRACOM’s standard Navigator application here.

For information on the Navigator application for Salesforce.com, click here.

SOCIAL STYLE Passport — This OnDemand, interactive tool allows learners to select any of more than 80 country and regional norms and instantaneously see how their SOCIAL STYLE may change based on the behavior standards of that locale. This tool is especially effective for preparing professionals for work in diverse multi-cultural environments and in virtual or international work scenarios. Learn more here.