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The World’s Most Effective Interpersonal Skills Program

Increase leadership performance, improve management and employee engagement, impact team effectiveness, resolve conflict or build a high-performance sales culture. SOCIAL STYLE – the world’s most effective interpersonal skills model – is proven to improve the Versatility and performance of your organization’s most essential asset – your people!

SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility Skills in the Workplace

Why Understanding SOCIAL STYLE is the Key to Success!

Of the three core elements of Social Intelligence, your SOCIAL STYLE, often known as your Behavioral Style, is the easiest for others to observe and interpret. Colleagues and friends can tell if you’re animated, rushed or withdrawn. The way you behave has a direct impact on your interactions with others and on your success in the workplace. We’re judged on our behaviors.

SOCIAL STYLE improves organizational performance by teaching people to be better communicators, more aware of themselves and others and more effective in interactions.

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is an evidence-based program – proven by years of valid research – assesses an individual’s Behavioral Style and Versatility, then helps individuals and teams apply strategies to effectively and quickly build high-performing relationships and improve performance.

Proven Model (It Works!)

  • Easiest model to learn, remember, and apply (easier than DiSC or MBTI)
  • Proven effective through years of research
Global Application

  • Used in over 95 countries
  • Support for 20 + languages
  • Includes cultural Norms
  • Passport technology
Technology Supported Learning

  • Easy assessment administration
  • Online, accessible tools
  • OnDemand courses
  • Micro-learning included free
Complete Learning System

  • From assessment, to flexible learning choices, to continual learning resources
  • Tailor your experience with Instructor-Led classroom, OnDemand learning and micro-learning approaches
Easy to Teach

  • Quality content for learners and easy to use facilitation materials for instructors
  • Free accreditation and low-cost certifications all courses
  • Session composite reports
Used by Leading Organizations

  • Works across all industries
  • Taught in top universities in executive ed and leading MBA  programs
  • Reseller programs implemented by global consulting firms

What Others Have to Say About How SOCIAL STYLE Improves Performance:

“Overall, this training creates a heightened awareness and understanding among co-workers, allowing them to develop more cohesive and collaborative relationships and work more productively and effectively.” — President, Positive Tomorrows

 “TRACOM’s Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences course has transformed our workplace effectiveness by enabling our employees to immediately put into practice the skills they learn in understanding about different behavioral patterns that can affect relationships.”  L&D Leader, Estée Lauder Companies

“SOCIAL STYLE training perfectly complements our current sales training process, as it provides salespeople the ‘art’ around the ‘science’ of professional selling.” —  HR Director – Parker Hannifin


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