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    The SOCIAL STYLE Model focuses on others ability to create good relationships. There are four unique Styles and each Style has different ways of using time, interacting with others, and making decisions. But Versatility is what makes the difference.

  • SOCIAL STYLE® Assessment

    The SOCIAL STYLE Profile is available in either a Self-Perception or Multi-Rater version. The Multi-Rater version addresses our self-perception bias and exposes areas where others see us differently than we see ourselves.


    Learn how to teach and implement SOCIAL STYLE like the best-of-the-best teachers and facilitators all over the globe. TRACOM’s comprehensive approaches to supporting Facilitators ensure you are fully prepared for the most excellent learning experience possible.

  • SOCIAL STYLE® Programs

    TRACOM has developed SOCIAL STYLE training programs that vary in length and depth and are designed for specific audiences including managers and leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors. Our programs are available as in-person, virtual, and eLearning formats.

Job-specific Programs

  • Style for Managers

    Managers and team leaders are the front-line of business success. SOCIAL STYLE training helps leaders communicate with every team member in a productive way and supercharges team performance with managerial specific exercises and focus.

  • Style for Universal Audiences

    SOCIAL STYLE training supercharges the performance of individual contributors and is easy to provide for mixed groups or as an open enrollment class. TRACOM’s universal assessments and courses are easy to deploy with measurable impact.

  • Style for Sales

    From building initial rapport to dealing with objections and closing deals, relationships and communications drive sales success. TRACOM has sales-specific SOCIAL STYLE training and assessments with a proven track record of boosting individual and organizational sales, creating a high performance sales culture.

Hear how SOCIAL STYLE is used by clients

  • Video: The Impact of SOCIAL STYLE Training at Cognizant

    Hear from Cognizant leaders regarding their experience with SOCIAL STYLE training within their organization.
  • Video: SOCIAL STYLE Training Impact at Reynolds American, Inc.

    “SOCIAL STYLE is one of the highest-requested resources that we use at team-building events.” — Michael Miller, Reynolds American
  • Video: Training SOCIAL STYLE on a Global Level at Accenture

    Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director at Accenture Austria, talks about her experience training SOCIAL STYLE on a global level and how it helps leaders.

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