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Recognized for his research on the latest science and practices in organizational psychology,  Dr. Mulqueen shares how mindset affects behavior, and ultimately our performance. His understanding of the behavioral aspects of resiliency and agility has led to significant training experiences at major brands like Accenture, EY and PepsiCo.

Dr. Mulqueen’s expertise in the use of normative data and cross-cultural evaluation has resulted in the creation of assessments that have been deployed in more than 25 languages around the world. He understands the intricacies of coaching, competency modeling, hiring and selection systems, as well as the assessment and development of leaders and teams.



A sought-after speaker and author, his work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Chief Learning Officer, Talent Management and Fast Company. He earned his PhD at the Illinois Institute of Technology and has served as an adjunct faculty member in Colorado State University’s Department of Psychology. Dr. Mulqueen is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology and the International Association of Applied Psychology.



In his role as Senior Director of Learning and Development and Senior Consulting Psychologist for The TRACOM Group, Dr. Mulqueen leads the design of training models, assessments and programs, including creation of the Behavioral EQ Model and Assessment. This emotional intelligence model is recognized for its practical application on performance in the workplace.

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Casey’s Speaking Topics

Unlocking Personal Agility

This interactive presentation helps participants discover the cognitive biases that prevent them and their teams from being innovative and Agile. Participants learn practical, behavioral strategies to overcome these biases and create teams that are flexible to change and proactive in creating change.

Developing a Resilient Mindset

While everyone agrees that Resilience is necessary in today’s world, most people don’t realize that we are not naturally Resilient to life’s stressors. This presentation helps people recognize their own thinking patterns that diminish Resilience, along with strategies to counteract these patterns. Participants will learn ways to “bounce forward” during adversity rather than simply bouncing back or recovering. They will also learn proactive techniques for developing and maintaining Resilience.

Emotional Intelligence: It’s Behavioral

TRACOM’s next generation EQ model teaches the behavioral skills to improve your Emotional Intelligence. During this delivery you will learn what makes up Emotional Intelligence, why it is important, and how to improve your EQ through practical strategies.

Cognitive Biases: The Hidden Barrier to Effective Learning Programs

Our cognitive biases drive so much of our behavior—and we don’t even realize it! Dr. Casey Mulqueen, an authority on neuroscience-based training and behavior change, will help you understand our biases to create the most effective learning possible.

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