TRACOM, The Creator of SOCIAL STYLE®, has a program specifically for Sales professionals that provides practical advice on applying SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility skills to common selling situations. The course content and examples are specific to sales responsibilities making it highly engaging and relevant. Multiple studies have shown that salespeople with high Versatility consistently outperform others in areas such as:

Building Rapport

Overcoming Objections

Closing Deals

Customer Satisfaction

SOCIAL STYLE Products may include:

Sales Products: Instructor Led Training

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Improving Sales Effectiveness with VersatilityImproving Sales Effectiveness with Versatility Concepts Guide

TRACOM’s Improving Sales Effectiveness with Versatility Concepts Guide and Questionnaires teach salespeople how to use SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility concepts to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to create effective and productive customer relationships. Includes:


Selling Virtually with SOCIAL STYLE

The impact of technology has been changing sales for decades with email and online sales gradually undercutting face-to-face selling. Now COVID-related considerations are expected to limit travel for at least the next five years. So how does the sales professional create effective relationships with people they’ve never actually met? SOCIAL STYLE skills can bridge the virtual gap leading to new ways selling and new opportunities for growth.

This course is focused on the application of SOCIAL STYLE in virtual selling and assumes participants have previous Style training to understand the model and concepts.



Onsite Facilitation

Contact TRACOM to deliver training in your location to your audience.

On-site training is one of the most effective ways to facilitate any of our Social Intelligence training programs.  Our on-site trainer will be able to tailor the delivery to meet your group’s specific issues, challenges, culture, business and learning objectives.

Virtual Training

TRACOM conducts virtual classroom delivery sessions for clients per your needs.

Virtual training is an alternative delivery method to traditional classroom training.  Instead of your learners attending a training program in a physical classroom, we can arrange to deliver any of our Social Intelligence training programs in a virtual classroom.

Additional SOCIAL STYLE Audience-Based Courses:

Universal Audience Managerial Audience