Soft Skills Top the List

Soft Skills Top the List

LinkedIn recently published the 2020 Workplace Learning Report highlighting the most in-demand skills for 2020. Back for another year at the top of the list are Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration and Adaptability. Joining those sought-after Top 5 Soft Skills in 2020 is Emotional IntelligenceMany in the HR and L&D world understand the importance of soft skills and Social Intelligence, but even LinkedIn made an emphasis on how the top five this year are “more human-centric than last year.” This year’s report surveyed 6,607 L&D professionals, learners and managers from 18 different countries in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.  

TRACOM has always provideresearch-based learning solutions that improve an individual’s ability to Communicate, Connect, Adapt and Innovate. These Social Intelligence solutions truly address the skills LinkedIn’s study placed at the top of their wish list.  

Creativity and Agility 

Unlocking Personal Agility® teaches individuals that creativity and innovation are skills to be exercised, not a natural state of beingBreaking down your thinking habits is the first step in unlocking the reservoir of potential in each of us. By retraining the brain you can learn to be open to new ideas and look for possibilities instead of roadblocks. An agile mindset is a creative one.  

Collaboration and SOCIAL STYLE® 

Communication is key to collaboration in the workplace! Both of which are easily facilitated by a team’s understanding of their SOCIAL STYLE. Given the right tools for understanding oneself as well as colleagues allow better communication and increased productivity.  


“SOCIAL STYLE training creates a heightened awareness and understanding among co-workers, allowing them to develop more cohesive and collaborative relationships and work more productively and effectively.”Susan Agel of Positive Tomorrows


Adaptability and Resilience 

Adaptability is another name for Resilience, the ability to adjust to new conditions or bounce forward in times of adversity. Developing a Resilient Mindset® teaches you just that! In times of change and stress a resilient person adapts to challenges, seeing them as growth opportunities. 


“Resilience is important to individuals and organizations because we are living and working in an environment that’s ever changing. The ability to bounce back regardless of what’s on the other side of that change is critical.”Michelle Duncan of Penn State Health


Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral EQ® 

A well-known skill, but underutilizedEmotional Intelligence is new to the list this yearTRACOM takes a practical approach to Emotional Intelligence with a behavioral based training model. Behavioral EQ teaches people how to recognize their emotions and those of others, giving them the necessary tools to turn emotions into productive actions.  

Master the skill of Persuasion 

Formal and informal leadership begins with the ability to persuade. Persuasion is only possible when you can harness all these skills, collaboration through communication, innovation through creativity, resiliency and emotional intelligenceThe great news is that with some practice you can build these top five soft skills too! 

Click here for an overview of TRACOM’s Social Intelligence training solutions and learn why Social Intelligence is business intelligence.

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