Success Story: Boise State Builds Leadership with STYLE


The Boise State Center for Professional Development provides education and training programs to nearby businesses and professionals including large Fortune 500 firms and small businesses. Known locally as the “Center,” they have established a reputation for hands- on, relevant learning available on-campus, in the community and online. Organizations in healthcare, public administration and engineering have been especially drawn to the Center’s curriculum. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model is an important part of the Leadership and Management Courses, as well as the Business and Communication courses offered.

Boise State’s Center

The Boise State Center for Professional Development, known locally as “The Center,” plays a pivotal role in offering education and training programs to local businesses and professionals, catering to a wide spectrum of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. This Center, located within Boise State University, has built a strong reputation for delivering hands-on, relevant learning experiences available both on-campus and online. They have successfully attracted organizations in various fields, with a particular focus on healthcare, public administration, and engineering sectors. A cornerstone of their course offerings includes TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model, an essential component of Leadership and Management Courses, as well as Business and Communication courses.

TRACOM’s Influence

While the Center provides a range of courses, a typical program structure involves two-day sessions per month spanning four months, complemented by year-long reinforcement efforts. They offer diverse programs, such as Project Management, Leadership Development, Business Communications, and Human Resources. Participants engage in pre- and post-session reading and assignments, along with projects designed to apply their newly acquired knowledge immediately in the workplace. Additionally, the Center specializes in crafting customized training and education programs for organizations across Idaho and the Northwest. It acts as an essential link between Boise State University’s resources and the local business community. Paul Bentley, a key figure with over 20 years of leadership experience spanning business, government, and non-profit management, highlights that TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is the model of choice due to its applicability to business contexts, ease of understanding, and practicality in various inter-office situations. Bentley played a significant role in establishing the Center right from its inception.