Columbia Business School Professor Speaks on Impact of Social Intelligence


The TRACOM Group went on a client road tour this past year to collect the stories, successes and insights of our clients. The video stories collected include personal and professional anecdotes of how Social Intelligence programs — SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ, Resilience and Agility — have impacted the lives, careers and organizations of those who have applied the knowledge and skills gained through training. These stories were not scripted – each person who contributed shared their perspectives because they have experienced the benefits of improved Social Intelligence personally. Thank you to our clients and associates for sharing their successes!

Learn how Columbia Business School Professor of Management, Dr. William Klepper*, has seen leadership growth with TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility and EQ programs in his Executive Leadership and MBA courses. This series of videos gives a glimpse of the impact Social Intelligence can have in the classroom and workplace.

“I think we all suffer from the lack of what I call ‘introspection.’ It’s so easy to project what we think people want us to be, but once you find that core of self, that’s a foundation you should be able to build on.”  — Dr. Klepper on Self-Evaluation 

“Most leaders who have credibility are individuals who can tell about how they dealt with adversity and how they dealt with overcoming what I would call difficult challenges. In many ways, they’re telling the story of how Resilient they are.” — Dr. Klepper on Resiliency 

“The people who are most Resilient are the most Agile — people who can modify their agenda, their practices, their behavior, to be more effective.”  — Dr. Klepper on Agility 

“IQ levels off, so you’re only as smart as you are going to be right now, so try to make the best of it. But what continues to develop to be an effective holistic person is our Emotional Intelligence — our interaction with others — our self-knowledge and knowledge of others.” — Dr. Klepper on Behavioral Emotional Intelligence 

*Professor William Klepper, P.hD. is a member of the Columbia Business School faculty within the Management Division. He teaches the Executive MBA course on Executive Leadership and is a regular guest professor in the MBA course on High Performance Leadership. Additionally he serves as Academic Director of Executive Education and teaches globally within a number of corporate custom programs. He is also the author of The CEO’s Boss, Tough Love in the Boardroom. 

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