Success Story: Thailand School Leads with SOCIAL STYLE



The SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility training, renowned for enhancing interpersonal effectiveness and workplace interactions for leaders across the globe, has found success in an unlikely setting: a school in Thailand dedicated to educating the children of missionaries from diverse backgrounds. Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, is distinctive for its unique student population, comprising children of missionaries from around the world who have come to the area to volunteer and live. The school, with the help of TRACOM Cares, a program dedicated to offering cost-effective personal and organizational effectiveness training to non-profits and academic institutions, leads with SOCIAL STYLE. They’ve presented the SOCIAL STYLE Model to its leadership team.

Thailand’s Grace International School

Grace International School’s mission is to provide an integrated education from a Christian worldview, preparing students to face the challenges of today’s world. With a diverse student body of more than 500 individuals, the school offers core curriculum, special needs services, fine arts, extracurricular sports, and ministry opportunities. The “Producing Results with Others” workshop, based on the Social Style model, was taught by the school’s executive director, Jurrian van der Straaten. Van der Straaten, who transitioned from a career as a police officer in the Netherlands to a missionary role in Thailand, became the senior executive at Grace in 2015 and recognized the importance of Social Style training for enhancing leadership and team dynamics.

Integrating SOCIAL STYLE into Grace International School

The initiative to incorporate Social Intelligence training at Grace International School is expected to benefit its students, especially those in high school, as it equips them with valuable skills for continuing their education and future careers. Graduates of Grace have pursued education at esteemed universities worldwide, including Berklee College of Music, the US Air Force and Naval Academies, Seoul National University, Boston College, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Cornell, Yale, and various other prestigious institutions. By integrating Social Style and Versatility into the school’s environment, Grace International School is not only fostering a global perspective but also empowering future leaders to better understand themselves and adapt to others’ preferred behaviors, thus enhancing their interpersonal skills and potential for success.