Success Story: Leadership Training for Delta Gamma


Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma, a sisterhood rooted in a commitment to creating positive change in the world, places a strong emphasis on service, a profound respect for each individual, and the cultivation of values-based leaders. Recognizing the importance of developing the best qualities of character and a genuine sense of social responsibility, Delta Gamma embarked on a mission to enrich leadership capabilities among undergraduate members. This endeavor led to the creation of the Lewis Institute, a values-based leadership program that incorporates TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model to enhance leadership success.

“SOCIAL STYLE largely generated positive feedback. One of the reasons we have continued to use the SOCIAL STYLE Model is that it is highly applicable and memorable. Students continued to reference it through the remainder of the Institute.” — Assistant Executive Director, Delta Gamma

Established in 1873 at the Lewis School of Girls in Oxford, Mississippi, Delta Gamma has grown into an international fraternity with 146 collegiate chapters and over 220 alumnae groups. In 2014, the Lewis Institute was launched as a platform for educating Delta Gamma members on how to lead their chapters with integrity. The decision to develop this program stemmed from the positive feedback received after sending undergraduate members to leadership programs. These events were viewed as highly impactful and aligned with the organization’s values.

“It generated many ‘Ah Ha’ moments for our students. It was also one of the highest rated workshops throughout the five day experience.” — Director of Education and Development, Delta Gamma

Making Values-Based Leaders

The Lewis Institute aims to provide women with the confidence to be values-based leaders, both intellectually and emotionally. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model was selected as a pivotal component of this leadership program because it equips participants with the tools to comprehend their own behaviors and those of others. Each chapter designates one leader to attend the program, and these participants demonstrate a commitment to authentic leadership and a desire to enhance their leadership potential. The program unfolds over five days, with the first two days focusing on self-awareness and self-leadership and the final three days emphasizing interpersonal dynamics and the facilitation of positive change. Key to this learning experience is TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model, which provides deeper insights into individual and interpersonal behaviors, serving as a foundation for conflict resolution and other workshops.


To ensure that the Lewis Institute aligned with the actual needs of Delta Gamma members, a needs assessment was conducted, involving surveys of undergraduate Delta Gamma members and volunteers. This assessment revealed a recurring need for effective teamwork and collaboration skills. After consulting with collegiate leadership development facilitators, the decision to incorporate SOCIAL STYLE into the program was a clear choice, given its capacity to enhance interpersonal understanding and teamwork, which are critical for leadership success within the Delta Gamma community.