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Sales relationships thrive or fail based on the defining moments of every customer interaction. Successful sales professionals have the ability to quickly read signals from buyers and adapt for maximum impact. The keys to this kind of adaptability lie in understanding each customer’s distinct SOCIAL STYLE, while being aware of how our own styles can be perceived by others.

“Research shows that sales people with high versatility outperform their peers and are better at developing positive customer relationships, better at persuading customers, and close more sales than they would without high versatility.”

Social Style for Sales is NOT a sales process. It is an approach that helps sales people to understand their customer’s communication preferences and to apply simple, yet effective behaviors to their interactions.

When to use Social Style for Sales Development:

  • As part of onboarding, and ongoing learning and development
  • During mergers and acquisitions to improve team collaboration
  • To improve access past gatekeepers to decision makers
  • To ensure effective communication with prospects
  • To help build rapport
  • To prepare for meetings or presentations with key stakeholders
  • To negotiate more effectively
  • To help in overcoming objections

Social Style for Sales is a program that benefits sales people no matter the selling situation, or industry, or the length of sale. Social Style teaches essential people-first skills that help build communication, rapport, trust, value and ultimately result in better alignment for both sides of the selling relationship.

There is no selling scenario or type of sale where Social Style techniques cannot be applied. While all people in all professions benefit from these techniques, the benefit to sales people is especially relevant because of the depth, variety, and frequency they experience direct customer interactions. Selling is hard enough in today’s world… add poor or miscommunication to an already challenging deal and it’s going to fail. Social Style teaches sales people to recognize and modify behaviors (improve their versatility) in a very easy and effective way to immediately improve the outcome of a conversation, and vastly impact the potential for long-term relationship development and increased sales.

Key questions to understand in each customer interaction include:

  • How does your customer prefer to use time?
  • Should you get right to business or spend some time socializing?
  • What will drive their decision-making process?
  • Do you need to provide facts and figures or paint an exciting big picture?
  • How can you effectively sell to a committee when each member seems so different?

Your prospects’ behavior provides cues to help you maximize every interaction. Understanding these behaviors will increase rapport, shorten the selling process and increase your sales results.
SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s best-known behavioral model because it’s easy to learn and apply, and because it if effective. Find out why sales teams across the globe rely on SOCIAL STYLE to drive greater results and increase customer loyalty.

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