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Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence is the Science of Productive Relationships

Social Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage behavior for personal and organizational success. TRACOM provides models, assessments and training programs to develop Social Intelligence. We’ve helped millions of people and thousands of organizations succeed.



Social Intelligence training helps organizations dealing with:

  • Leadership development

  • Changing competitive landscape

  • Need for faster sales growth

  • Employee engagement challenges

  • Working in teams

  • Cross-cultural operations

The Three Elements of Social Intelligence

There are three highly interdependent elements of Social Intelligence: Behavioral Style, Emotional Intelligence and Mindset. Collectively they make us tick as social individuals. And the best news is that Social Intelligence training helps achieve dramatic improvements in performance.

Behavioral Style

Early in life, people develop behavioral preferences which we find comfortable. Partly the result of genetics and partly early learning, our behavioral style is readily observable to others. Sometimes our behaviors are viewed as positive and sometimes negative.  Research has identified four behavioral styles. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model® teaches specific techniques for creating productive relationships with people of any Style. SOCIAL STYLE is available in two dozen languages, with programs targeted to managers, sales professionals and individual contributors.

Learn more: SOCIAL STYLE.

Emotional Intelligence

Our brain is complex, and our emotions often subconsciously control our behavior.  Too often our rational brain is overruled by our emotional brain.  And our behavior and performance suffer as a result.   TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ® Model offers a way to understand our emotions and those of others.  That allows us to control our emotions, better influence others and achieve greater success. As a third-generation EQ model, Behavioral EQ provides practical and actionable strategies for enhancing leadership, performance, sales and recruiting.

Learn more: Behavioral EQ.


An adaptive mindset is a hallmark of the world’s most successful people. Mindset addresses how we deal with today’s fast-changing world.  Do we simply react to it or do we shape the changes that occur?  TRACOM offers two ground-breaking mindset models and training programs.  TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Model® is based on the latest in neuroscience.  It teaches how our brain’s genetic negative predisposition to change limits performance and increases stress.  Participants learn to productively deal with negativity and uncertainty.

Learn more: Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency.

Need to proactively create positive change and accelerate innovation?  TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Agility Model® teaches specific strategies to achieve innovative performance and shape the future. These “design thinking” approaches to ideate, brainstorm and drive innovative new products and processes within an organization lead to the creation of new opportunities and the mitigation of risk.  These skills are especially critical for successful leaders, insightful selling and building a culture of growth.

Learn more: Adaptive Mindset for Agility.

Whitepapers & Research

The Imperative for Social Intelligence whitepaper

The Imperative for Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence accelerates human performance by transforming the way we Think, Act and React in more positive and productive ways. This whitepaper discusses the imperative for -- and science of -- accelerating human performance to achieve Social Intelligence. But first, we must break past biases holding us back...

"The pace of change is fueling demand for adaptable, critical thinkers, communicators, and leaders. As technology accelerates, soft skills are in high demand to fuel people and business growth.  In successful organizations, so-called “soft skills” are more important than ever."

All organizations will be affected by future automation and will operate very differently than they do today. Those that are Socially Intelligent will set themselves apart by their ability to Communicate, Connect, Adapt and Innovate effectively. However, training that supports developing people on these abilities will require an approach that implements understanding and behavioral tools. The best way to successfully develop these important skills is to educate people about cognitive biases, how these affect how we Think, Act and React , and how to break these biases through behavior change to create new habits which lead to more effective individuals, teams and organizations.