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Technology shifts, channel overlap and globalization have dramatically changed buying behaviors and many traditional sales practices are obsolete.  Today’s successful salespeople act more as consultants or entrepreneurs.  And agility skills are essential for long-term sales success.  TRACOM’s Agility Model teaches practical skills for selling to teams, overcoming objections and expanding business.

In today’s working world, the ability to adapt and innovate during times of change is fundamental to success. The demand for agility skills is significant and universal. Our leaders have identified these skills as critical to our business, and relevant to our people at all levels.  Understanding and applying these concepts throughout my career has been fundamental to my success.  I believe an agile mindset is essential to achieving success in the changing environment of today and thriving in the world of tomorrow. — Nancy Henson Kopp, Director of Sales, EY

Agile salespeople are better able to identify new opportunities for sales and create a customer-centric approach for collaboration.  They recognize how marketplace and technological and changes create opportunities for sales rather than simply cutting traditional sales out of the buying equation.

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The Agile Organization Starts with Agile People Webinar

This webinar introduces the key concepts of agility including business implications.


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