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David’s fascinating insights on breakthrough research related to brain function compel us to think differently about how we design training, and how we conduct actionable learning that helps people discover their hidden barriers to higher performance. His behavior-based approaches to learning help us rethink how we position training platforms to meet the needs of our rapidly evolving workforce.

He shares his experience on the global learning stage, offering a glimpse into the diverse cultural approaches to training. He shares the nuanced differences in how various cultures learn, as well as the similarities of what works best across cultures. His stories are based on knowledge earned from having trained in over 80 countries on four different continents.



David is co-author of the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Facilitator Handbook and frequently requested as a guest speaker by associations, businesses and universities. His experience in the world of learning runs deep, from psychometric research, to custom curriculum development for global organizations, to learning technology solutions.



As President and Chief Executive Officer of The TRACOM Group, David oversees a full suite of Social Intelligence solutions that include the standard for communications style training, SOCIAL STYLE, as well as research-based learning platforms on Agility, Behavioral EQ and Resiliency.

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David’s Speaking Topics

Two Faces of Change:  How to Cause it or Deal with it

Change is either coming at you, beyond your control, or you’re causing positive disruption to improve your business. How can you effectively manage both? By learning the transformative power of Resiliency and Agility.

Turn Off Your Brain to Turn on Your Performance

All humans have cognitive biases that prevent us from being as effective as we can. Learn how to understand those biases, and overcome them through simple but effective strategies that will change leaders’ and employees’ behavior.

How Can You Change Your Company When You Can’t Change Your People?

How do we we manage our emotions and behaviors when experiencing challenges thrust upon us by society and business? Learn why Resiliency is the new foundational skill in today’s changing workplace.

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