Jason Kiesau

Become an Emotionally and Socially Intelligent Leader

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Over the years Jason has spoke to audiences of varying sizes with the purpose of supporting his audiences in gaining greater confidence while enhancing their Emotional and Social Intelligence.



Jason is the author of two books, FOCUSED – Your Future Starts Now! and Leading with Style for Senior Living Professionals. Additionally, Jason has been a contributing author for Lifehack.org, GoodMenProject.com, IowaBiz.com and Forbes.com.



Jason is a certified facilitator in SOCIAL STYLE and Behavioral EQ and has spent most of his career as an executive trainer and coach, supporting leaders and managers across the United States in enhancing their Emotional and Social Intelligence.

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Jason’s Speaking Topics

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence with SOCIAL STYLE

Emotional Intelligence is today’s survival of the fittest and the key to Versatility. Those who are versatile will experience greater success personally and professionally. During our session participants will learn more about their SOCIAL STYLE and what they need do to be more versatile and successful.


Unshakeable Confidence; Get it and Keep it!

People with unshakable confidence live a higher quality life and experience greater success with less distractions and stress. During our session participants will learn to be more confident by setting meaningful goals and managing their stress and insecurities.

Building Trust During Stressful Times

Trust is easy to build when things are easy, but things are not always easy. A key to building trust is understanding and meeting others’ needs and preferences. During our time together participants will learn about their needs and preferences, as well as the needs and preferences of others so they can build trust with intention during easy and stressful times.