Webinar: How HR Can Support Resilience During Disruptive Change

Webinar | How HR Can Support Resilience During Disruptive Change | HR.com

For organizations to survive and thrive, they need to evolve and pursue opportunities outside their typical business models and comfort areas. This type of disruptive change has become the norm and requires significant agility – the ability to uncover new opportunities and bring those opportunities to fruition in a way that separates organizations from their competitors. What is less understood is that in order to be agile and successfully change at a rapid pace, organizations also need to be resilient – withstanding the often difficult effects that result from their own change efforts. Attempting meaningful change and agility without first preparing the workforce for the disruptive effects of change can lead to disappointment and outright failure. The webinar will:

  • Describe cognitive biases that prevent individuals and teams from being agile and resilient
  • Discuss how dramatic change can decrease people’s resilience when they most need it
  • Provide practical techniques to increase agility and resilience, leading to a mindset change that increases proactivity and enthusiasm around change.
  • Help individuals and organizations develop new strategies for success in today’s environment

Tune into this discussion with Dr. Casey Mulqueen, TRACOM’s Director of Learning and Development and Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director of Accenture Austria.