Experience a Program Showcase

TRACOM Program Showcases are built for HR and L&D professionals seeking Social Intelligence training programs and assessments for their organizations. Delivered on an easy-to-use virtual learning platform, each 1-hour Program Showcase features a live, certified instructor who walks participants through one of our four Social Intelligence programs.  You’ll review the key concepts and outcomes important to both facilitators and learners.  You’ll understand our models, training options and receive your own personal profile report.  Evaluate which Social Intelligence program is best for your organization.

SOCIAL STYLE Program Showcase

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading interpersonal soft skills program and is the easiest to Learn, Teach, Remember and Apply! Use SOCIAL STYLE training to become more Versatile, influential, and effective at navigating workplace relationships to achieve maximum results.

RESILIENCE Program Showcase

Adaptive Mindset for Resilience training helps people overcome their Negativity Bias by adapting to the fast pace and constant change that causes unnecessary stress.


Personal Agility training teaches key techniques to improve innovation and creativity.  TRACOM’s Agility training program improves bottom-up effectiveness across the entire organization.


Connection in the workplace starts with empathy and an understanding of behavioral excellence. Use the Behavioral Emotional Intelligence program to achieve higher performance, better leadership and more collaborative teams with improved EQ skills.