Versatility: The Skills That Drive High Performance

Tailor Every Interaction for Maximum Results

No interpersonal skills program or personality assessment has the impact of SOCIAL STYLE®.  That’s because only SOCIAL STYLE teaches Versatility.  This is the ability to recognize the preferences of any person AND make informed choices about how to best interact with them.  Versatility is independent of a person’s SOCIAL STYLE.  Versatility is a powerful skill that becomes second nature, dramatically improving results.  In fact, Versatility is the best predictor of workplace success, especially among managers and salespeople.


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Adept communication is the cornerstone of success in businesses. Whether you’re navigating marketing strategies, networking endeavors, staff meetings, or engaging with clients and suppliers, each interaction holds unique objectives. This is where discerning your audience becomes paramount. Adapting your message and modulating your tone is the key to resonance and impact.

Enter Tracom’s Social Styles Model—an invaluable resource for comprehending both yourself and those around you. It serves as a compass for enhanced communication, paving the way for fortified relationships and heightened professional performance. Dive deep into this insightful tool, gaining a profound understanding of the four distinct social styles and their intricate interplay.