Versatility: The Skills That Drive High Performance

Tailor Every Interaction for Maximum Results

No interpersonal skills program or personality assessment has the impact of SOCIAL STYLE®.  That’s because only SOCIAL STYLE teaches Versatility.  This is the ability to recognize the preferences of any person AND make informed choices about how to best interact with them.  Versatility is independent of a person’s SOCIAL STYLE.  Versatility is a powerful skill that becomes second nature, dramatically improving results.  In fact, Versatility is the best predictor of workplace success, especially among managers and salespeople.


Versatility Success Story

Hear How Versatility Impacts Companies:

  • Video: How To Improve Your Company’s Versatility, David Collins

    President and CEO of TRACOM explains why SOCIAL STYLE paired with Versatility makes the difference for companies looking to improve their interpersonal skills.
  • Video: VP of Human Resources Explains Importance of Versatility

    Lori Smith explains how the message of Versatility within their teams and management has impacted the conversations happening within their company. 

Versatility Resources:

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