Video: VP of Human Resources Explains Importance of Versatility

Lori Smith, Vice President of Human Resources at Western National Mutual Insurance Company, explains how the message of Versatility within their teams and management has impacted the conversations happening within their company.

“We’ve opened up the opportunity for people to have a conversation about similarities, differences and preferences. Along with the permission to have those conversations and the language and the words to use, I think that will be more impactful to us than just about anything else.”

“What are you gonna do with this gift that you’ve just been given? Of information and feedback from others about how they’re receiving you, independent of your intentions? And then rolling that out through management and leadership groups so that they have a chance to try it and think about how they would use it in their team interactions, while giving the same content and language to our employees as a reinforcement.”

— Lori Smith, Vice President of Human Resources, Western National Mutual Insurance Company