Video: How To Improve Your Company’s Versatility, David Collins

David Collins, President and CEO of TRACOM, explains why SOCIAL STYLE paired with Versatility makes the difference for companies looking to improve their interpersonal skills.

“The power of understanding the differences between people is ultimately doing something about it and that’s what we call Versatility. In our training programs and what we deliver to our clients, we actually provide people a measurement of not only what their behavioral preference pattern is, which is their SOCIAL STYLE, we also provide them the measurement of how well they do in adjusting their behaviors to work with others. And that’s what Versatility is all about. When you adjust your behaviors to work with others, the power of the SOCIAL STYLE Model really unveils itself. And ultimately what most companies are really after is improving their personal skills with people. And without Versatility, honestly, you just can’t do it.”

— David Collins, President and CEO, TRACOM Group