SOCIAL STYLE®: The Amiable Style

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The Amiable Style is Friendly, Supportive & Relationship-focused

People with an Amiable Style openly display their feelings to others. They appear less demanding and generally more agreeable than others. They are interested in achieving a rapport with others who often describe them as informal, casual and easy going.

amiable style

Their Need:  Personal Security

Their Orientation:  Relationships

Their Growth Action:  To Initiate

Amiable Style Highlights

  • Slower paced
  • Make efforts to relate
  • Show less concern for effecting change
  • Work in the present timeframe
  • Show supportive action
  • Tend to avoid conflict


People seen as having an Amiable Style appear to:

  • Focus their attention on the present and interpret the world on a personal basis by getting involved in the feelings and relationships between people
  • Prefer to get things done with and through others
  • Look for personal motives in the actions of others
  • Have difficulty understanding that some people react to the information available, or the practicality of the situation, rather than relationships
  • Be good team players
  • Develop effective social networks
  • Be easy for others to communicate and share with
  • Stick with the comfortable and the known
  • Avoid decisions which might involve personal risks and conflict in relationships
  • Add joy, warmth and freshness to social situations
  • Be undisciplined in their use of time

amiable style tips

Strategies for Working with The Amiable Style Person

  1. Approach conflict carefully
  2. Get to know them
  3. Consider their perspectives
  4. Draw out their opinions
  5. Handle issues in private
  6. Always be courteous

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