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The Driving Style is Controlling, Decisive & Fast-paced

People with a Driving SOCIAL STYLE are seen by others as direct, active, forceful and determined.  They initiate social interaction and they focus their efforts and the efforts of others on the goals and objectives they wish to get accomplished.

driving styleTheir Need:  Results

Their Orientation:  Action

Their Growth Action:  To Listen

Driving Style Highlights

  • Faster paced
  • Make efforts to set the pace
  • Less concerned for the value in relationships
  • Work in the present timeframe
  • Tend to direct the actions of others whether or not they are the leader
  • Tend to avoid inaction

People seen as having a Driving Style appear to:

  • Know what they want
  • Have little difficulty conveying their conclusions about anything that concerns them
  • Focus on the immediate timeframe with relatively little concern for the past or future
  • Be swift, efficient and to the point
  • Be impatient with delays
  • Show less concern for the feelings of others or for personal relationships
  • Be harsh, severe or critical due to their limited attention to relationships
  • Be efficient and decisive
  • Seek control through the use of power
  • Use time in a disciplined manner

Driving SOCIAL STYLE tips

Strategies for Working with The Driving Style Person

  1. Respect their time
  2. Stick to facts
  3. Follow up on promises
  4. Show your competence
  5. Earn their trust
  6. Let them have some control

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