Video: Tour the SOCIAL STYLE® v3 Multi-Rater and Self-Perception Profiles

The SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater and Self-Perception Profiles help us overcome the Self-Perception Bias. The short SOCIAL STYLE survey makes it easy to use with modernized language that is relevant today’s learners. Style is integrated into Versatility to provide actionable insights for people who work side-by-side or virtually.

Learners enrolled in a class complete a SOCIAL STYLE survey about themselves which measures their behavioral preferences and identifies them as one of four SOCIAL STYLEs:  Driving, Expressive, Amiable or Analytical. SOCIAL STYLE is especially powerful because people typically experience a Self-Perception Bias and see themselves differently than others see them. The SOCIAL STYLE assessment exposes these differences and provides a powerful opportunity for learning and discovery.

The SOCIAL STYLE assessment is available in either a Self-Perception version or the powerful Multi-Rater version. The Multi-Rater version addresses our self-perception bias and exposes areas where others see us differently than we see ourselves. Learners answer questions about themselves and invite others to provide feedback. The Profile includes powerful Versatility strategies about how to improve their interactions with others.

Versatility Makes the Difference

A person’s SOCIAL STYLE is neither good or bad. It’s just their preferred way of behaving with strengths and weaknesses. But how effectively a person uses their Style has a dramatic influence on their relationships and productivity. This skill is known as Versatility and only TRACOM programs develop Versatility which is shown to be the most important factor in workplace success.

Background information

The TRACOM Group developed the model, the SOCIAL STYLE assessment and a variety of training courses to teach SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills. Today, the company serves organizations worldwide with its Social Intelligence programs, including SOCIAL STYLE. Customers include most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as academic institutions, nonprofits and governments.  TRACOM provides virtual or in-person programs and also licenses it assessments, profiles and training. Everyone who completes a licensed SOCIAL STYLE Profile receives free access to a variety of online resources and application tools such as the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®.

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