Success Story: Agility Training Becomes Priority to Global Consultant


Prominent consulting firms, such as Accenture and KPMG, have been emphasizing the significance of Organizational Agility training in today’s rapidly evolving and disruptive business environment. They recognize that in this ever-changing world, agility is not just a luxury but a fundamental necessity for both their own success and that of their clients. Consulting firms understand that fostering agility begins with nurturing the mindset of their workforce.

As organizations’ most valuable assets, consulting firms are leading the way in agility training. The encouraging news is that research demonstrates that mindset and agility skills are not fixed traits but can be developed. In fact, an analysis of agility reveals that only 20 percent of related abilities are genetic, while the remaining 80 percent can be cultivated through deliberate effort. Every individual possesses the potential to unlock their agility with the right training.

TRACOM’s Agility Program Acoomplishments

TRACOM has forged partnerships with several of the world’s top consulting firms and has recently expanded a successful agility training pilot into a comprehensive deployment. Since 2017, these firms have been utilizing TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Agility, including the Multi-Rater Profile and Unlocking Personal Agility course. This program leverages the latest findings in neuroscience research to help participants break free from the cognitive biases that often inhibit their ability to generate, evaluate, and implement innovative ideas. Through a highly interactive course that incorporates multi-rater feedback via the Adaptive Mindset for Agility Profile Report, participants gain comprehensive insights into their current agility strengths and areas in need of development. Executives and leaders particularly appreciate the course’s practical nature, as it empowers them to promptly apply agility concepts to drive improvements in the workplace.

Furthermore, TRACOM’s program underscores the connection between agility and other essential business metrics by illustrating how agility directly enhances work performance. In the case of this global consulting firm, the undeniable link between agility and high performance highlights the paramount importance of fostering agility in today’s business landscape.