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Academic and Non-Profit Programs

TRACOM Cares Program Supports Academic and Non-Profit Organizations


To date, TRACOM has contributed more than $1,000,000 in support of academic and non-profit efforts through its TRACOM Cares initiative program.  This supports of TRACOM’s Vision to:

  • Positively impact people’s lives
  • Build deep collaborative connections
  • Do our part for the community

TRACOM CARES offers three types of programs:

Non-Profit Program

TRACOM invests in non-profit organizations whose programs benefit the greater community.  Our objective is to have a positive impact on non-profit efforts by equipping non-profit employees and volunteers with the necessary Social Intelligence skills to be successful.

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Academic Program

TRACOM supports hundreds of educational organizations by equipping them with the necessary Social Intelligence skills to be successful. We offer academic institutions  up to a 50% discount so that we can make these programs affordable for your students and employees.

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Corporate Partnerships

Our investment goes much further when we partner with our clients around the world.   TRACOM’s provides its suite of Social Intelligence programs and services in conjunction with existing not-for-profit initiatives and corporate responsibility programs.

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