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Corporate restructuring. A new strategic direction. Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.  Organizational change is non-stop in today’s business world.  And effectively dealing with these changes requires people equipped with resilience skills.  These skills help employees deal with the stress change brings. Resilience training can turn our natural resistance to change into a supporting force.

It’s estimated that 75% of change programs end up over budget, over schedule or as downright failures. An IBM study said that “changing mindsets and attitudes” is the single most significant challenge when implementing change projects, far ahead of process, resources or technology.

Without employee support, organizational change efforts won’t succeed. “

Resilience Training Teaches People to:

  • Respond to the challenges of organizational change with flexibility
  • Discover the positive opportunities within adversity
  • Identify insights into themselves, their co-workers and their organizations
  • Live healthier and more engaged lives

These skills are vital in times of organizational change.

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  • People naturally resist change and most change initiative fail because they’re not supported by employees
  • People can learn to overcome their fear of change and actually be champions of positive change
  • Organizations with resilient employees perform better on key metrics such as profitability and market share.

Navigating Change Research and Resources


Navigating Change

Change won’t occur unless your people are on board. Watch this short video to see how resiliency skills impact change programs.


How Resilience Supports Change

Read our case study about the Minnesota Change Management Network's resiliency training program.  See how change management consultants put TRACOM resilience training to use.

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