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Resilience training directly affects many common workplace challenges including for boosting employee engagement, reinforcing wellness programs, supporting change initiatives, increasing sales, and improving leadership skills.

Training helps people identify the sources of stress and understand their natural mental responses to it. We then teach practical strategies to control those responses in positive ways.

Common Areas of Focus for Resilience Training

Resiliency Training Boosts Wellness Programs

Many companies implement wellness programs but too many of these programs only include the physiological elements of wellness, often ignoring the mental and emotional aspects of wellness.

According to research by Gallup, adjusting wellness programs to encompass elements other than just physical well being can improve the bottom line even more than physical wellness programs alone.

Wellness Research and Resources


Resilience and Wellness Programs Video

This short video addresses how including the emotional and psychological elements alongside the traditional physical elements of wellness leads to better organizational performance.


Resiliency and Wellness Whitepaper

Most existing corporate wellness programs primarily target the physiological aspects of wellness, but a more holistic approach to employee wellness is starting to be researched and understood. This whitepaper looks at the benefits of incorporating resiliency training into your company's wellness program.

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Managers are the backbone of your organization. You expect a lot out of them, and naturally so as their performance drives business success and sets the standard for workplace expectations.

Yet the role of a manager is more challenging today than ever before. Due to technological advancements, leaders are expected to be constantly connected to work and seldom get to unplug. It’s no wonder why managerial engagement and workplace happiness levels are at an all time low.

The rapid pace of business is not intended to change anytime soon, and replacing your managers with robots is still decades away… this is why TRACOM developed resilience for managers and leaders.

Managerial resilience training is what leaders need to flourish in a fast-paced, highly competitive arena. Initiating change, maintaining low turnover, sustaining high employee engagement – all are ever-challenging tasks managers are confronted with daily. Giving managers resiliency training equips them with the tools to see opportunities where adversity exists and alter their naturally negative responses to stress.



Resilience Training for Leaders & Managers Video

Resilient leaders are those who adapt to changing circumstances and environments with ease and finding the complexity of their jobs to be stimulating and gratifying. Reinforcing your managers with the tools to view change as a positive or an opportunity for growth is a crucial skill for a successful organization.



Building Resilient Leaders for Organizational Success On-Demand Webinar

This on-demand webinar looks at the science behind leadership and resilience and reveals easy techniques to overcome negativity and improve our mindset and leadership techniques that make an impact


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Using Resilience Training to Navigate a Changing World

Corporate restructuring. A new strategic direction. Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.  Organizational change is non-stop in today’s business world.  And effectively dealing with these changes requires people equipped with resilience skills.  These skills help employees deal with the stress change brings.  Resilience training can turn our natural resistance to change into a supporting force.

It’s estimated that  75% of change programs end up over budget, over schedule or as downright failures.  An IBM study said that “changing mindsets and attitudes” is the single most significant challenge when implementing change projects, far ahead of process, resources or technology.

Without employee support, organizational change efforts won’t succeed (block text)

Resilience Training Teaches People to:

  • Respond to the challenges of organizational change with flexibility
  • Discover the positive opportunities within adversity
  • Identify insights into themselves, their co-workers and their organizations
  • Live healthier and more engaged lives

These skills are vital in times of organizational change.

Navigating Change Research and Resources


Navigating Change

Change won’t occur unless your people are on board. Watch this short video to see how resiliency skills impact change programs.


How Resilience Supports Change

Read our case study about the Minnesota Change Management Network's resiliency training program.  See how change management consultants put TRACOM resilience training to use.

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Securing Market Share with a Resilient Salesforce

In a world where traditional competitive advantage is dead and comparison shopping is as close as your smartphone, securing customer loyalty and ensuring repeat sales has never been more challenging, nor as important as it is today.

This is why a resilient salesforce is the cornerstone to a successful organization.

  • 80% of sales are earned between the 5th and 12th contacts, yet most sales people have given up before reaching that point.
  • Research tells us that salespeople labeled optimists outsold pessimists by 20-40%

There is a reason why 80% of a company’s revenue comes from 20% of the salesforce and it has to do with your sales team’s resiliency.

Learn more about Boosting Sales with Resiliency. 



Building a Resilient Salesforce Video

Those who have mental and emotional resiliency to face new challenges with optimism and quickly bounce forward are best equipped to find creative ways to deliver value to customers throughout the sales cycle.


Developing an Insightful Sales Capability

TRACOM recently paired up with a large-scale consulting company who employed both SOCIAL STYLE training and Resiliency training to leverage their employees’ abilities to succeed.

Building the Strength to Overcome the Challenges Facing Today’s Sales Teams

More than ever before, salespeople bear the responsibility of developing long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with customers by consistently exceeding their expectations. In today’s marketplace, customers expect suppliers and service providers to exceed expectations at all stages of the sales cycle and the service delivery process.

To Be Good at Sales You Must Be Resilient

Are your sales reps able to maintain their performance even when the economy slows? Can they sell a variety of products and services even in the face of increasing competition? A good salesperson isn’t just one who succeeds when the market is good, because they are lucky or have the best product to sell, they succeed because of their resiliency.

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Resiliency is the foundation of Employee Engagement

The correlation between employee engagement and job satisfaction is inseparable, but job satisfaction depends on so much more than compensation, benefits and working conditions. To be truly satisfied in any role, people need the ability to effectively deal with and bounce back from adversity, relying on a strong social support network and emotional resiliency to tackle complex challenges with confidence. TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Model is designed to instill this type of mental resiliency in people at all levels of an organization, allowing them to focus on achieving results rather than dealing with the lingering effects of conflict and adverse situations at work.

Resiliency helps employees:

  • Develop a social support network at work
  • Communicate their ideas across organizational boundaries
  • Take personal responsibility for and pride in their achievements
  • Be assured of their importance in the grand scheme
  • Commit to achieving organizational success

Research shows that more resilient individuals experience a greater quality of life in all areas, including the workplace and the home. Resilient employees find greater satisfaction from tackling new challenges and overcoming adversity, and they have the ability to frame adversity in a positive light, spurring themselves on to achieve their goals no matter the odds.



Tell Me More – Resilient Mindset

TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Model is designed to instill mental resiliency in people at all levels of an organization, allowing them to focus on achieving results rather than dealing with the lingering effects of conflict and adverse situations at work.


The Link Between Technology and Stress

Our addiction to our smartphones and other devices has led many of us to become obsessive checkers, but our reliance on technology and  is associated with higher stress levels. How does this impact our engagement with our work?

Political Stress May Be Weighing On Your Workforce

According to the APA, 52% of Americans feel that politics are a “very” or “somewhat significant” source of stress in their lives. Stress impacts our sleep, what we eat, and our relationships, all of which impact how we operate at work. Learn more.

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