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The best managers use a combination of art and science to successfully oversee complex projects.  They have to manage timelines and budgets but they also have to be open and accepting of the fact that things might not go as planned. Agility skills are crucial in delivering projects that have true business impact.

A study found that 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance, but fewer than one-third of projects are successfully completed on time and on budget.  Most project managers face scope creep at some point as it’s an inevitable part of even the most-well-planned project. Under normal circumstances, project managers might react by feeling stressed and uncertain. But agile project managers are better equipped to prioritize activities and get the project back on track. TRACOM’s research shows that people with high agility skills are 17% more likely to make high-quality decisions in the face of uncertainty compared to those without such skills.

While agility training addresses highly strategic concepts, it’s extremely practical as well. TRACOM’s agility training is built on the IDEA Model with steps addressing the entire scope of projects from ideation to effective execution and evaluation.  Participants learn techniques for the entire project management cycle including:

  • Look for opportunities to improve services, products and processes
  • Generate concepts that lead to improvement
  • Energize others and build coalitions to support initiatives
  • Put ideas into a practical plan
  • Effectively execute the plan including making appropriate ongoing adjustments

Agility training is an immediate way to improve your projects and your project managers.

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