Video: SOCIAL STYLE Boosts Leadership Performance

In this video, Sam Ewing talks about how SOCIAL STYLE boosted leadership performance in his organization, Sterling Pharmacy. He recommends other organizations and individuals to go through TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE program.

“We put together, a leadership program with an emphasis on our store managers and my leadership team at the corporate level on how to better communicate with the people that work for them. We’ve seen huge improvements in employee engagement.  That’s most definitely because of the Social Style training that the management team has done.” Sam Ewing, President of Sterling Pharmacy

How SOCIAL STYLE Boosts Leadership Performance

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE has proven to be an invaluable tool for boosting performance across various organizations. This highly effective behavioral model and training program provide leaders with essential skills to understand their own and their team’s behavioral preferences, leading to improved communication, collaboration, and overall leadership effectiveness. SOCIAL STYLE training is designed to help leaders harness the power of versatility, ensuring they can adapt their leadership style to the unique needs of their team members.

Leadership performance is enhanced through SOCIAL STYLE’s emphasis on understanding and appreciating the diverse behaviors and communication styles of team members. This understanding enables leaders to tailor their leadership approach to motivate, delegate, and support individual team members effectively. By implementing SOCIAL STYLE, leaders can create a more inclusive and positive work environment, which leads to higher productivity, increased employee engagement, and better team dynamics. Ultimately, SOCIAL STYLE equips leaders with the interpersonal skills and insights necessary to drive better results, making it an essential asset for leadership development and performance improvement.

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