Video: SOCIAL STYLE Boosts Leadership Performance

TRACOM Clients and Leaders Share Stories on the Power of SOCIAL STYLE

The Real Face of Social Intelligence – Client Video Stories

The TRACOM Group went on a client road tour this past year to collect the stories, successes and insights of our clients. The video stories collected include personal and professional anecdotes of how Social Intelligence programs — SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ, Resilience and Agility — have impacted the lives, careers and organizations of those who have applied the knowledge and skills gained through training. These stories were not scripted – each person who contributed shared their perspectives because they have experienced the benefits of improved Social Intelligence personally. Thank you to our clients and associates for sharing their successes!

“We put together, a leadership program with an emphasis on our store managers and my leadership team at the corporate level on how to better communicate with the people that work for them. We’ve seen huge improvements in employee engagement.  That’s most definitely because of the Social Style training that the management team has done.”

Sam Ewing – President of Sterling Pharmacy