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From the executive suite to department managers, your leaders drive your strategy.  But do they lead with insight and vision or just respond to competitors and the market?  An MIT study found that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profit than non-agile organizations.

Agility training teaches your leaders and managers how to identify new opportunities and techniques to evaluate and execute programs that create success.  Managers with high agility are:

  • 24% more motivated to support new initiatives
  • 33% higher rated for innovation
  • 24% better at anticipating trends and future opportunities

Agile leaders foster a culture of innovation. TRACOM’s agility training empowers them to act on that innovation in hands-on and practical way.  During the course each participant identifies a specific workplace challenge they’re facing and learns agility skills to address that problem.  They leave the course prepared to make meaningful progress.  And they have the ability to engage others on their team and throughout the organization for broad success.

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Creating Agile Leadership

  • Identify opportunities for long-term success
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Evaluate opportunities to head-off and minimize risks
  • Shape your future rather than responding to the market

Agile Leadership Resources


Developing Agile Leaders

Long-term organizational success requires forward-thinking leaders who drive proactive change.  Watch this one-minute video on agile leadership.



The Agile Organization Starts with Agile People Webinar

This webinar introduces the key concepts of agility including business implications.


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