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Manager Performance

Today’s business leaders face challenges unheard of in previous eras, as the rapid pace of globalization changes the way people work together. The pace of change in modern workplaces seems too fast for management education programs to keep up, leaving managers to learn and adapt in real time as they confront the challenges of the collaborative era.

At the same time, employees’ relationships with their managers are proving to be a major determinant of job satisfaction and employee engagement, proving that today’s managers need more than just technical experience to accomplish goals and exceed expectations. Today, the ability to collaborate effectively in all directions is the most important driver of success for managers and individual contributors alike.

Today’s leaders confront a new set of complex challenges:

  • Asking people to do more with less
  • High turnover from career-mobile employees
  • Creating connected and collaborative cultures
  • Encouraging intentional innovation
  • Overcoming generational and cultural divides

To meet the shifting demands of modern business, managers must tackle new challenges from new angles, focusing on the key skills of Social Intelligence necessary to build collaborative, communicative and innovative teams of people from diverse backgrounds. Leadership development programs focused on Social Intelligence skills can make the difference between mediocre results and dramatic improvements.