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EQ on an International Scale

Emotional Intelligence explores characteristics of the human mind and human behavior that are shared across the world, regardless of cultural differences or national identities. Behavioral EQ focuses on the outward and controllable expressions of our inner emotional experiences and teaches us how to evaluate and gauge the behaviors and emotions of others.

Behavioral EQ training can help employees to overcome the challenges of cultural diversity by understanding what people’s emotions and behaviors are expressing. When added to traditional cultural-awareness training, Behavioral EQ can take an international organization’s potential for effective relationship building, innovation and collaboration to new levels.

Behavioral EQ bridges cultural divides by helping employees to:

  • Understand their own emotional influences
  • Understand how their own culture affects their emotional responses
  • Find common ground that transcends regional distinctiveness
  • Build relationships with people from different backgrounds
  • Be flexible in their relationship-building approaches

Using Behavioral EQ Training in International Business

Flexibility is key when working with colleagues across the globe. Whether it is dealing with a significant time lag, working with people with different primary languages and distinct accents or something as simple as using a different telephone number convention, employees must be flexible in their approaches to working with others in a global company. In the same way, Emotion Perception becomes especially important on a global scale, as people from different cultural backgrounds can express their emotions in different ways. Behavioral EQ helps employees to sift through the deluge of cultural differences to find common ground with their international colleagues. EQ training helps employees to sift through the deluge of cultural differences to find common ground with their international colleagues.

When working with people who may speak a different language than us or who have different customs and manners, frustrations may naturally arise. But by learning to control our emotions through EQ training we can alter our responses and thus create a more lucrative platform for conducting business. When there is a language barrier, facial expressions and body language play a huge part in conveying messages. Learning to read other’s behaviors as well as the emotions behind those behaviors is the connecting link to successful interactions.

A Powerful Behavioral Emotional Intelligence Model

  • Measures four major dimensions and 15 subcomponents
  • Available as self-perception and multi-rater assessment
  • Takes the most actionable areas of EQ and turns them into an easy to learn training program

EQ is a Global Concept

TRACOM’s research shows that behavioral and emotional intelligence is a global concept, however, every culture is unique, and this is sometimes reflected in the way certain aspects of behavioral and emotional intelligence are displayed. For this reason it is important for people to use norms that reflect their specific cultures. The availability of norms also helps build the acceptance of learners because they feel the data is specific to their location and situation. For example, when comparing French norms to other countries, some of the most significant differences between France and other countries was apparent in the components “Self-Confidence” and “Motivating Others.”

Behavioral EQ and International Norms­

TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model and Profile are used around the world, which is why we offer different international norms to account for cultural differences and their impact on behavior. Norms, or normative comparisons as they are technically called, provide a mechanism for people to compare themselves with one another. All of TRACOM’s online profiles use norms for accuracy. In addition to our Global norm, TRACOM has developed international norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions. In doing so,

Utilizing Behavioral EQ training will allow your international corporation to become a smaller community where employees can work collaboratively with one another despite having offices in separate corners of the world.

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