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Change is a constant in the modern workforce. More than ever before, employees find themselves in a world of shifting priorities and evolving demands. The skills and talent needed by employers constantly changes. The ways in which people collaborate and work together continually adapt to keep pace with the forces of globalization and technological innovation. Jobs are no longer “permanent,” and employees must continually develop new skills and take on new roles to keep up with new demands. All of this results in an environment in which the ability to navigate change with grace is essential to long-term success.

Building resilient teams skilled at navigating change can make a world of difference for organizational performance. Rather than losing productivity during times of change, workplaces with strong Social Intelligence skills can experience greater results than ever before, turning organizational change into a driver of competitiveness.

Change comes from many sources in today’s workforce:

  • Globalization
  • Technological Innovation
  • Multi-Generational Teams
  • Economic Pressures
  • Changing Needs of Organizations

More than ever, employees in any industry need the flexibility and resilience to navigate change with optimism and resolve. Emotional Intelligence and Mindset are critical success factors of Social Intelligence, and they can help people at all levels of an organization overcome uncertainty with confidence and bounce back from change ready to tackle new challenges. Cultivating skills in the areas of Mindset and Emotional Intelligence can prepare your employees to lead the charge in the midst of change.