Is Your Sales Pitch Effective?

Our speech is one of the most outwardly apparent aspects of our behavior, and for those in a sales role, we often have to initiate communication without knowing anything about our client or the person we are speaking with. So how do we tailor our communication to our client’s preferences if we don’t know anything about them?

SOCIAL STYLE Training gives us the tools to read people’s behaviors. Your clients are telling you a lot, you just need to know how to read them and listen with a versatile outlook.

By being aware of their body language as well as other cues like voice inflections and pace of speech, you can learn a lot about your client even in the first interaction. If your initial thoughts are “boy, they don’t seem to be giving me a lot of eye contact or interest, in fact, their face has been buried taking notes this whole time, I should just back off..” without proper understanding of SOCIAL STYLE this could be a false interpretation of how your sales pitch is going.

By understanding SOCIAL STYLE we are able to not only read their behaviors, but also adjust ours to leverage our selling strategy. The cues we were given previously indicate not that the client wasn’t interested, but that they are an Analytical Style person who is collecting as much information as they can.  Therefore, we should adjust our selling strategy to be detail focused and thorough. They don’t want a big picture overview, they want to know about all of the bells and whistles.

These behavioral observations can even be applied when dealing with people by phone, email or other virtual settings.

Our SOCIAL STYLE Model can help your sales team:

  • Modify their behavior to put people at ease.
  • Structure emails and voice messages in ways that satisfy people’s different needs for information.
  • Present sales pitches that are accommodating to the varying needs of their audience.
  • Identify and respect people’s unique conversational boundaries.
  • Overcome objections effectively

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