Social Intelligence Overview


By focusing on increasing awareness and control of their Social Intelligence, people can dramatically improve their understanding of both themselves and others, while using this knowledge to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Think, Act, and React with Social Intelligence

The TRACOM Group is the creator of Social Intelligence solutions in four training programs, including the world’s best interpersonal effectiveness models. We provide research-based assessments and training designed to help people and organizations optimize performance.

Achieve Versatility with SOCIAL STYLE®: SOCIAL STYLE training helps improve organizational performance by teaching people to be better communicators, more aware of themselves and others, and become more effective in interactions.

Become a RESILIENT Organization with ADAPTIVE MINDSET®: The Developing a Resilient Mindset® program teaches practical strategies for altering negative responses to stress that help establish a thriving culture where flexibility and adaptability are competitive advantages.

Develop Emotional Intelligence with BEHAVIORAL EQ®: The Behavorial EQ model and training teaches people to adapt emotions into productive behaviors through practical strategies that build productive relationships.

Unlock Organizational AGILITY with ADAPTIVE MINDSET®: Unlocking Personal Agility® is a course designed to develop Individual Agility that leads to Organizational Agility, One Mindset at a Time.

Creating Positive Impacts

Social Intelligence positively impacts leadership, sales, engagement, change, and diversity.

TRACOM Group is the only company with a complete Social Intelligence solution that covers the core elements of the individual to help people become more effective in the workplace. All TRACOM’s programs are based on evidence—proven by years of research—that helps individuals and teams apply strategies to effectively and quickly build high-performing relationships and improve performance.

Social Intelligence in practice impacts personal and professional success in all areas of people’s lives, but it is especially essential in workplace performance. Individuals and companies that build a Socially Intelligent culture observe their teams being more collaborative, influential, innovative, engaged and productive.