Webinar: Development from a Distance

Hosted by TRACOM’s Dan Day


Development From A Distance: How Virtual Training Will Accelerate in 2021

In 2020, many learning and development professionals were forced to abruptly change the way we delivered training, or not do any training at all.

Showing we could practice what we preach—communicate, connect, adapt and innovate—we adapted to the new realities of training to continue helping our teams, organizations and clients become higher performing.

Training virtually has become the norm, but what should our developmental plans for 2021 look like? How can we push the virtual classroom toward becoming even more effective?

TRACOM is a leader in training virtually and we’d like to share some tips and techniques to help you make a lasting impact on your learners, no matter where they’re logging on from.


Dan Day, Director of Client Success

Dan is responsible for helping audiences around the world develop their social intelligence by becoming more influential, agile, empathetic and resilient. He facilitates training programs designed to change individuals’ behaviors that lead to organizational change. He is an author and former board member of the National Speakers Association.