Video: What is Social Intelligence – an Introduction

Social Intelligence isn’t about our social lives or our social media savvy. And it’s not an intelligence score like IQ. Social intelligence transforms how people Think, Act and React – how they process and interpret events, how they behave toward others, and how they emotionally respond. By learning how to develop social intelligence and manage our cognitive biases – the distorted thoughts that negatively influence our behavior – we increase our social intelligence. We become more effective in our interactions with others and more successful in our work.

“The pace of change is increasing dramatically. It’s fueling demand for adaptable, critical thinkers, communicators, and leaders. As technology accelerates, soft skills are in high demand to propel business growth.”

The future’s most essential skill is how to develop Social Intelligence.

“In practice, Social Intelligence is how we Think, Act and React. By understanding and developing Social Intelligence skills, people can thrive even in the face of rapid technological shifts and organizational change.”

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence Solutions

TRACOM® Group – The Social Intelligence Company – is a workplace performance company and a leading provider of essential soft skills training solutions. Through our comprehensive learning programs that teach how to develop social intelligence, TRACOM has helped millions of people around the world to uncover hidden barriers and identify strategies that enable more positive outcomes and professional success.

Our Social Intelligence solutions include robust assessments and learning programs in the areas of Mindset, Resiliency, Agility, Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Style – all focused on helping our clients create a more engaged, productive and effective environment. Through interpersonal skills training, team development programs, sales effectiveness training, survey and assessment design, and consulting in the areas of performance management, leadership development, or employee engagement, we deliver positive, impactful solutions for our clients. Backed by research and proven methodology, TRACOM Group provides the “Ah Ha’s” that lead to high-performance.